All About Chiropractic


There are many techniques practiced in Chiropractic offices across the world. It has been estimated that there are at least 110 different chiropractic techniques used to analyse and provide care to the human frame of muscles and bones, especially the spine.

The spine has a dual role to play in our lives. It holds us up against gravity and provides us with mobility while it serves to protect the trillions of nerve cells of the spinal cord.

In fact, we live and experience our entire life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual through our body which is held up by our spine! This important structure has an intimate relationship with nervous system via the spinal cord and the trillions of reflexes that are generated through the physical, mental, emotional interactions occurring every second of our lives. Chiropractic is based on this truth.

Generally, Chiropractic techniques can be divided into two categories.

  • Neurologically Based or Tonal techniques focusing mainly on the nervous system. These techniques utilize gentle contacts, vibration, rubbing, or tapping at strategic areas of the spine to influence the spinal cord.
  • Structurally Based or Joint based techniques focusing mainly on the joints or articulations of the spine and extremities. These techiques utilize mainly structural thrust to change the alignment and function of individual vertebra.

In addition to the above, Chiropractors further divide themselves as either symptom relief based techniques or as corrective care.

In symptom based care, the DC discharges patient once the symptom is gone or the patient is "cured". In corrective care based, the DC continues the care to remedy the causal factors leading the body into symptoms and paves the way to a "healing" process. In this model "curing" is not the same as "healing".

The Marcoux Chiropractic Office utilizes corrective Network Spinal Analysis, a Neurologically Based method to which a variety of gentle structural repositioning may also be employed.

The primary goal of chiropractic care in the Marcoux Chiropractic office is to restore normal function in the body to promote healing by allowing the natural wisdom of the body to work more efficiently.